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Foot Levelers
Dr. Dawn Wille and Dr. Ryan Wille

There are 26 bones in the foot and each one is capable of causing foot pain.  Millions of Americans each year complain of having pain in their feet or ankles.  Your feet are the foundation of your entire body and have a direct impact all the way through the spine.  Stabilizing your postural foundation will give balance to your feet up to your spine.

Custom foot orthotics at Springfield Family Chiropractic

Only Foot Levelers functional orthotics support all 3 arches of the foot, which make up the plantar vault. They’re custom-made by hand based on your unique feet, body and health profile. Just as no two bodies are alike, no two pairs of Foot Levelers custom orthotics are alike.

Once you have been examined, Dr. Dawn Wille or Dr. Ryan Wille can discuss options to order your pair of customized orthotics.  These orthotics are far superior to anything you would find at a general store and can help to alleviate foot, ankle and back pain effectively.

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Call our office at (609) 265-7727 to schedule your exam.  Foot orthotics can help to alleviate many types of foot pain and help to correct your posture which can alleviate lower back pain. We use Foot Levelers products at our facility. Foot Levelers are the leading providers of custom foot orthotics in the US.


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